I am a working artist interested predominantly in figurative work, but I do enjoy painting landscapes and producing abstract work as well. My journey to becoming a working artist was a circuitous one. I worked as a civil servant for a while before spending many years as a senior lecturer in the social sciences. A bad experience led me away from art at a young age, and for those who enjoy life stories you can access mineĀ on my radicalrhymes blog

I paint and draw simply because I have to. It's a passion that I cannot suppress. I do it even when I have no formal work to complete. My main influences, or at least my favourite artists, are Paul Cezanne, Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo. The media I prefer include acrylics, pencils and marker pens. Most of what I do is for sale here or on my Etsy shop, but I also take on commissions.

I am usually working on two or three at the same time... I also love to create 'living art' where I put hand drawn or painted images onto bags, cups, garments, tags and more. Contact me with an idea and I will happily take on the challenge! One of my particular passions is to make what I call 'scrap art' using recycled materials and this has proven really popular. Finally, I am a writer. I have produced several academic books and publications, alongside poetry books and other works.

I am available for commissioned poems or prose, and, if required, illustrate it/them. Please contact me with any questions or queries, if I can help at all, I will!